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About Odyssey

Odyssey Homestore is a division of Odyssey Homestore, Inc.

Selection at Odyssey HomestoreSelection:
We understand that if you only wanted a simple home or patio item, you would probably visit your local big box or home improvement store. That's how a lot of people shop. But you're here because you're a discriminating buyer who is turning to the internet to find a unique item that you just can't find elsewhere. Whether it's a patio umbrella, adirondack chair, bar stool, custom cushions or a whole set of outdoor furniture, you'll find it all and more here at our store. We hope you'll find the quality of our products and our customer service "Legendary" ...

Free Shipping at Odyssey Homestore®Free Shipping:
We know you want to be treated fairly. You should expect that when you parting with your hard-earned money to shop online. There's nothing worst than filling your online shopping cart full of everything you want only to find out the total isn't what you expect. Here at Odyssey Homestore®, we don't charge shipping - except on clearly marked Clearance Items. Ever! (FREE Shipping is for UPS Ground Shipping). It couldn't be more simple: the price you see is the price you pay. Period.

Free Shipping at Odyssey Homestore®Customer Specialists Who Really Care:
When you call us during business hours, we promise you'll reach a live U.S. Based customer specialist who really cares! We know you're calling because either you don't want to place your order on line, or because you can't find exactly the size or color or product you're looking for. With just a few questions, we'll help you find exactly what you're looking for and we'll be friendly about it. We think you deserve and should expect no less. We are a small group who really know our products because we go to the trade shows and have a chance to touch and feel every item we carry. We are looking for items to bring you that you won't find in a big box store: something different or unique. Like you.

Products Made in the USA at Odyssey Homestore®Products Made in the USA:
Whenever possible, we try to find items which are proudly manufactured right here in the USA. We all know why we need to purchase items made in the USA and it starts with keeping jobs here in the homeland. Once we become conscious of buying items made in America, we will purchase more items made in the USA, therefore demanding more products to be made in the USA. It's one way to help all of us help ourselves.

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Products Made in the USA at Odyssey Homestore®Eco-Friendly and Environmentally Sustainable:
We are not just another "Green" company like many others claim ... you know the type: those who hope to increase their sales just by using the word "Green." We look deep for manufacturers that offer not only Eco-Friendly, Environmentally Sustainable products but also manufacturing practices. Why? Because we believe it's the right thing to do. We have found poly-lumber materials, fiberglass products, bio-fuel, bamboo, seagrass, and much more. And often, they're as affordable if not more so than imports! Please feel free to give us a call at 888 - 564 - 4744 so we can help you do your part to reduce your Ecological Footprint too.

We are Odyssey HomeStore®. We chose the name because, like our friends and family – maybe even you - we love to travel. Who wouldn’t love to take an Odyssey through foreign and exotic lands? Alas, it isn’t always possible to travel to faraway places. Often, we have enough money but no time, or more likely, time and no money. Rarely do people (at least those we know) have both. So we were inspired to give shoppers a place to go, where shopping can take you away, even for an hour or two, on your favorite adventure. Our goal is to create a haven in your home, a “Staycation” if you will. And do it affordably.

Those of us who work at Odyssey HomeStore® are inspired by global collections; whether it’s furniture, décor or art. So we aim to bring you Global Inspired, locally manufactured, affordable items for your home, porch and patio.

Here’s a little secret: the founder’s favorite story is The Odyssey. If you haven’t read it, we’ll give you a little recap. It makes a wonderful metaphor for how we found our home at Odyssey HomeStore®. The Odyssey is a wonderful story of a traveler name Odysseus (some call him Ulysses) who travels through Greek Mythology trying to get home to his beloved Penelope. He fights many trials through a series of fantastic chain of events which led to his landing on Calypso Island, where he recounts his travels (or trevails) to a beautiful nymph named Calypso. We too have found ourselves on many unexpected life journeys, which led us to start a website devoted to lovers – of beautiful home décor that is. At the end, of course, Odysseus makes it home into the loving arms of his Penelope. We have found our home here, at Odyssey HomeStore®, and hope you will embrace us as a warm and welcoming place for you to browse, shop and feel at home.

Life is a Voyage. Celebrate the journey with fine indoor and outdoor furnishings and décor at Odyssey HomeStore®.

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